Our story

How we created a service we desperately needed ourselves 

Having worked as in-house recruiters, we are well aware of the responsibility of the job. It’s your responsibility to make sure whether the company finds the people it needs to grow and be successful. It’s also up to you that these people fit into the company’s culture and have the same values. All in all your goal is to find the right people and find them fast. 

TalentHub was created to take some of the weight off your shoulders. Working with recruitment agencies, we often felt that they’re not meeting our needs – instead of thinking along and providing end-to-end solutions, they were more focused on quantity. In other words – we got a lot of candidates but they rarely fit. 

So we founded TalentHub – an agency that offers exactly the kind of service we always dreamed of –  you’re approached personally by a team who thinks along, understands the importance of culture and values and can offer ability to change course when needed.

Our story

Recruitment - 7 years
Headhunting - 7 years
Startup - 5 years
HR Management - 4 years
Talented people recruited
Satisfied clients
Different positions filled

Finding the right people

No matter how talented a person is, a company shouldn’t ever hire a person whose values and attitude don’t match with those of the company as it will sooner or later lead to conflicts and to the person leaving the company. To avoid a situation like that we put extra effort into understanding your culture and values so that we could choose candidates wisely. As the culture fit is the foundation of a successful work relationship, this is the most important stage of the recruitment process. 

Taking care of your brand

There’s always a risk of damaging the reputations of the company when recruiting new employees as negative candidate experience can influence the person’s perception of the company. We also know people often share more negative experiences with others. Considering this, trusting the recruitment into someone else’s hands might seem daunting but it can actually be very useful. By offering an outstanding candidate experience, your brand isn’t just safe, it’s most likely to gain popularity. 

Being a partner you can trust

Quality requires commitment and from everyone involved. Just as we aren’t interested in charging you based on mere quantity, but want to put our skills into maximum use to bring you results, we expect you to think along and be open to working together. Whether it’s giving feedback or answering a critical question, we must all work together towards the same goals. Without partnership, there cannot be quality and without quality, there cannot be talent. 

Our team

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