From 15 to 125+ employees within three years

Ampler Bikes is an e-bike company with a mission to offer zero-emission commuting, that stirs the senses. for everyone.

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Ampler Bikes Team

The story

Founded in 2014, Ampler Bikes started off as a spare-time project, when the three founders came together to experiment with building an e-bike in a garage.

Over the years, Ampler Bikes has grown from a small bike start-up into a committed e-bike company with a large international team, and showrooms in Berlin, Cologne, Amsterdam, Zurich and Tallinn.

The company’s lightweight e-bike models have won multiple awards, and are being used every day by over 10,000 happy riders all over Europe.




The challenge

High-volume hiring and expanding into new markets

The main challenge of this project was finding the right people for Ampler during the e-Mobility market boom. At the start of our partnership, Ampler was looking to grow rapidly, and was eager to move into new markets across Europe where competition was fierce.
“We asked for TalentHub’s help, because we were busy growing our business and didn’t have enough time to spend on finding new people. We had previously hired on our own and had made good choices, but scaling the business needed more helping hands.”
Evelin Andrespok
Evelin Andrespok
Head of People and Culture at Ampler Bikes

Hiring process

The project has seen our recruitment partners Marleen and Teele take the role of an internal recruitment partner at Ampler Bikes.

Throughout the recruitment project, we have worked together with the founders of Ampler, their head of people and culture, as well as other team leaders.

From the Ampler team, we have received input about the roles and types of people that they need. Once we have understood the job spec and mapped out the candidate profile, we’ve moved on to headhunting candidates from various channels.

Our main responsibilities have been headhunting candidates from various channels, conducting initial screenings, as well as assisting with first-round interviews.

Ampler Bikes
Ampler Bikes
 The types of roles we have hired for Ampler have varied significantly, from showroom and service station managers to full-stack developers. However, our focus has always been on sourcing talent from local markets, whether it be from Estonia, Germany, Switzerland, or the Netherlands.
When hunting down talent, it has been important for us to identify candidates that fit Ampler’s values and culture. Ever since Ampler started, one of its main values has been to be an eco-friendly company. Hence, in addition to the right skills and experience, our candidates needed to be passionate about sustainability and e-mobility as well.
We assessed the values of our candidates and their motivation to work at Ampler during screenings.

Together, we have been able to successfully fill key roles, including:

  • Head of Warranty and Service
  • Showroom and Service Station Manager
  • Master Mechanics
  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Full-Stack Developers
  • Front-End Developers
  • Customer Support Representatives
  • SEO Manager
  • Sustainability Manager
Ampler Bikes

The results

1. Supported a successful expansion into new markets

We helped Ampler Bikes successfully hire their first staff in the Netherlands And Switzerland.

2. Hired cultural fits

Taking the role of an internal recruitment partner allowed Marleen to understand the culture and working environment at Ampler Bikes. Thanks to this, we were able to attract candidates that were a perfect fit for the company.

“We were able to find people that weren’t only fit skill-wise, but also had a deep interest towards e-mobility and sustainability.” 

3. Hired for key roles

Among the many roles that Ampler Bikes hired for, we helped hire some of the most key roles such as Showroom and Service Station Managers, Head of Warranty and Service, as well as Sustainability Manager.

4. Established a hiring process

At some point in the project, we did most of the recruitment for Ampler. During this time, we established an efficient hiring process, which is used by the company to this day.

Ampler Bikes

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