Pactum Case Study

Hiring the tech team at PactumAI

Hires: 25+

Industry: SaaS (AI)

1) Established an efficient hiring process and recruitment materials

2) Hired several leads and managers

3) Helped Pactum expand its recruitment to the United States

Ampler Bikes

From 15 to 125+ employees with Ampler Bikes

Hires: 35+

Industry: E-mobility 

1) Hired for key roles

2) Supported a successful expansion into new markets

3) Established an efficient hiring process


30+ technical hires in one year at Brainbase

Hires: 30+

Industry: SaaS

1) Hired for key roles

2) Hired a People and Culture Manager

3) Improved the candidate experience


Hiring key roles for micro-mobility start-up Bikeep

Hires: 3

Industry: E-mobility

1) Hired a CMO, Head of Product, and Project Manager

2) Hired cultural fits who were interested in Bikeep’s mission

Hiring a production technologist for greentech start-up Woola

Hires: 3

Industry: Greentech

1) 3 hires within five weeks

2) Found cultural fits