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Recruitment and selection

Hiring someone is always difficult. The person doesn’t only have to be exceptionally good at their job, but they have to fit in culturally and have the same values as the company has. As all our specialists have in-house experience of working as recruiters or HR managers, they are skilled in choosing wisely and with care. 

Employer branding

In a situation where both companies and employees choose carefully their next employees and employers, everything depends on the reputation you have.Giving candidates a great experience is really important in making sure you don’t damage the reputation of your company. Luckily, we can help you with that. Even more, with us, it’s likely that through an outstanding candidate experience your company’s image will even increase in the eyes of your potential employees.


No matter how daunting filling a role might look at a first glance, there’s nothing impossible for our recruiters. Using sourcing, talent pools and other modern methods, we’ll always find you the talent you’re looking for. Not to mention, all our team members have a strong experience in international recruiting. 

Creating a recruitment strategy

Behind every success, there is thought out plan. Taking into account all your requirements and preferences, we’ll put together a tailored recruitment strategy. It defines the description of the role and recruitment criteria, a roadmap, time schedule, budget and describes the ways of finding candidates. And although we’d recommend including us in the execution of the strategy, you can do it independently if you prefer.

Satisfaction surveys

Having spent so much time and money on finding yourself the right people with the right mindset, the last thing you want is for them to leave the company. Using our experience in different companies, we can measure the satisfactions of your employees and help you find ways to keep their engagement high.

Recruitment and interview training

If you’re interested in getting things done by yourself or want to raise the effectiveness of your HR department, training is just what you need. What exactly will the training be about – that’s what we’ll tailor according to what you want to achieve. We also offer consultations and coaching. 

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