Talent Acquisition Service

Talent acquisition is more of a demanding task than ever. The person you hire not only has to have the right skills, but they also have to fit into the company culture. To assess a candidate’s cultural fit, you must share the same values. Therefore, it is important that before starting your recruitment process, you have mapped out your company values that a new employee must carry further.

In today’s world, talent acquisition is a two-way street – during interviews, you are not only assessing the candidates, but the candidate is also assessing you as a potential employer. This means that the competition for the best candidates is fierce. 

To stand out from other employers, you must map out your employer value proposition. Why should anyone want to join your company? Besides salary, vacation days and sports compensation, is there anything else you can offer candidates? For example, you can offer candidates extra value by giving them a chance to learn from well-respected leaders, join a team of high-performing people or build something from scratch. It is important to stand out from the crowd and provide candidates with something that other employers can’t.

Talent Acquisition Service In Estonia

Our approach to talent acquisition

Depending on the role and its complexity, we will put together a tailored recruitment strategy. During this, we will map out a specific candidate profile who we will be looking for and where. Generally, we use two recruitment methods to find candidates: headhunting and public search


Headhunting is a process during which a clear candidate profile is mapped out. Relying on the candidate profile, our recruiters will start to contact candidates who would be a potential fit for the role and your company.

In addition to mapping out the candidate profile, in our second call, we will outline which channels we will use to find candidates. These channels could include our existing network of candidates, referrals or different job portals (e.g. LinkedIn)

Generally, headhunting is meant for filling more complex roles. During headhunting, a job advert will not be posted. Instead, our recruiters will contact only suitable candidates, which makes the recruitment process more quick and efficient.

Public search

To fill less complex roles, we use the public search method. During this, we map out the clear skills and characteristics that the candidate should possess. Additionally, we will decide on which channels we will publish a job advertisement. Our recruiters will then conduct screenings with candidates that came via the job advert. The purpose of screenings is to gauge what is the candidate’s previous work experience, their motivation and expectations regarding a new role. Based on this, we will decide which candidates would be a match for your company. Our goal is not to send you many candidates, but rather to focus on the best candidates and save your time.

In case there’s a need to hire multiple candidates, we also create landing pages that introduce your company and boosts your employer brand.

Our recruitment process

Intro Call

This 30-minute intro call allows us to get to know each other. We would like you to tell us more about your company, who you want to hire and why, as well as how you have managed recruiting before. On the other hand, we will go through who we are, how we work, what is our pricing method etc.

Creating a Tailored Recruitment Strategy

Our second call involves mapping out the candidate profile we will be looking for. Based on the profile, we will put together a tailored recruitment strategy that will be used for the role(s). We will also set up a Slack channel where we will be in constant communication with each other.


Once the contract is signed, the work will start for our recruiters.

Candidate Searching

Using combined recruitment methods, we will search candidates for you. We work as if we were your in-house recruiter, meaning we will keep you informed and engaged throughout the recruitment process.

Candidate Validation

Together, we will interview candidates and validate them. We expect feedback from you within 48 hours of sending the profile.

Making an Offer

The final step of the recruitment process involves making an offer to the candidate. Depending on the complexity of the role, the speed of the interviews and feedback, the recruitment process can take anywhere from 1 to 3 months until the candidate starts working for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your pricing method?

Our pricing method depends on the complexity of the role, as well as the volume of recruiting. You will find out the projected price of your desired recruitment project in our intro call, assuming you already know what your candidate profile is and how many candidates you want to hire. Generally, the price of the recruitment project is connected to the hired candidate’s salary.

How long does one recruitment project take?

The length of the recruitment project depends on the complexity of the role, the speed of the interviews as well as feedback. On average, the process (from the first client meeting to the candidate’s first working day) takes about 2-3 months. In some instances, where the desired candidate doesn’t accept your job offer, the process could take longer.

What kind of recruitment methods do you use?

We use traditional recruitment methods based on needs. First and foremost, we are headhunters – we track down people on different platforms and contact them ourselves. Depending on the recruitment strategy, we also do landing pages and job advertisements. Additionally, we have our own extensive talentpool (lists of previously headhunted candidates for previous roles).

Which industries do you specialize in?

We are mainly focused on finding and validating talent in the following sectors: information and communication technology (ICT), business development, finance, banking, insurance and manufacturing. However, thanks to our recruitment team’s broad expertise, we can help you find talent in other industries as well.

Do you offer other services besides recruiting?

Yes. Although our main service is recruiting, we offer our existing partners other services, such as HR consulting, salary studies, employer branding etc. That is the additional value we bring to the table – we help and assist you in other areas if needed.

What happens if the hired candidate leaves or I don’t see a fit?

In case the hired candidate resigns from the job within four months, we will offer a replacement candidate without a placement fee. 

Let’s find you the talent you’re looking for!

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