Team Lead (Recruitment and Marketing)

Tallinn, Estonia / Remote

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What's life like at TalentHub?

What describes us best is that we’re a team striving to be the best at what we do. Our recruiters don’t compete. We collaborate. We share ideas on how to do things better. We learn from each other. We move fast, but we move together.

When you join us, you’ll notice we operate on trust and transparency. We keep our communication open and honest within our team as well as with our clients and candidates. And no, we don’t believe in micromanaging. What we do believe in is giving you the trust and freedom to make an impact that works best for you.

How we work.

TalentHub recruiters aren't just service providers who complete tasks. Instead, we take the role of an internal recruitment partner. This allows us to be involved for the whole duration of the recruitment process, making us trusted recruitment partners to our clients.

Among our global client base, you can find start-ups full of potential, such as Outfunnel, Vok Bikes, BeeHealthy, Woola, Pactum, Brainbase, as well as companies that have been around longer (but are just as cool!) like LHV, Ampler Bikes and Monese. We help them find the best talent all over the world.

By joining us, you are joining our mission to skyrocket our clients’ teams.

From the candidate side, we are dedicated to providing a seamless experience by building long lasting relationships with our candidates to support their career progression.

In a matter of one and a half years, we have been fortunate to work with 40+ clients and found a suitable home for over 300+ candidates.

We are just getting started though... and we are inviting you to join our journey.

Our mission.

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What we value.

You can take these as our secret sauce to do our best work.

We are transparent.

Whether it's clients, candidates or our own team, our communication remains open and honest.

We trust each other.

We don't micromanage. Instead, we trust each other to get work done.


Change happens fast in our team. If we see something that can be improved, we'll do it.

We are on a mission.

We are a team working together towards a common goal.

We work smart.

Of course... we work hard too, but our environment helps us do our best work.

We collaborate.

We don't compete with each other. We work together as a team.

6 reasons to grow your career with us.

Great people


True impact

Global projects


Work with fun, experienced recruitment professionals who strive for their best everyday.

You will have a direct impact on how we work, which clients we partner with etc.

Broaden your international recruitment experience by hiring for exciting global companies.

We believe magic happens when people are given freedom to do their work.

You'll be working directly with well-respected leaders and CEOs of established companies.

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Weekly learning sessions, a Social Talent seat and guest speakers.

Meet some of your colleagues.

"I love that we operate on trust. Even though we help each other, I feel like I get a lot of autonomy with my work."

Jana, Team Lead and Recruitment Partner

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"We are like a one big family. It’s probably really hard to find a similar team that is so unifying and supporting like ours. We have big goals and everyone wants to give 110% from themselves."

Heveli, Recruitment Partner

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"During my nine year career, I haven’t come across a company that invests in the wellbeing of their employees as much as TalentHub does."

Teele, Recruitment Partner

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Your onboarding experience at TalentHub.

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Team Lead (Recruitment and Marketing)

Location: Tallinn, Estonia / Remote

Can you imagine being the leader of a rocketship that’s ready to take off?

If yes… then keep reading.

We are inviting you to be the captain of our talented recruitment and marketing team. In this role, you’ll have a major impact on writing our success story.

The challenge for you:

When you think of TalentHub, think of a team full of talented people that support each other and want to become better at what they do everyday.

Indeed, we are proud to have created a culture today that is focused on feedback, learning and growth.

But here’s where you come in...

We are looking for a person like you who’d take us to the next level. Your focus would largely be leading a team of recruitment and marketing professionals, ensuring that these fields work together efficiently.

You’d also be coming up with new processes and implementing them to help us do our best and smartest work. Essentially, you’d take the role of a coach - you’d figure out a way to bring the best out of people whilst keeping up a team spirit.

Besides being a team lead, you’ll have a major impact on the company’s vision. Working closely with our co-founders Käthe-Riin Tull and Reet Kaurit, as well as the team, you’d also help us make strategic, data-driven decisions, set company-wide goals, expand into new markets and grow our services besides recruitment.

And finally, thanks to you, in the future we’d have skyrocketed hundreds of teams across the globe.

You'd be a successful candidate if:

- You have previous experience leading teams and are able to explain how you brought your team(s) from A to B.

- You know how to set goals, ideally you’ve used an OKR framework before.

- You are data-driven - there’s a lot we measure in the team so it is important you make your decisions based on qualitative and quantitative data.

- Empathy is your superpower - you understand that people are motivated by different things and you welcome diversity.

- You are tech-savvy - you are used to operating different tools such as Excel in your everyday work. Furthermore, you are always on the lookout for new tools to do your work more effectively.

- You are a natural leader - you know how to bring the best out of people and challenge them.

You will get bonus points if:

- You have previous experience in HR or recruitment.

- You have worked in a startup environment before.

- You have led remote teams before.

- You are competitive (otherwise you might end up last in our monthly fun challenges, such as walking, running etc.)

What's in it for you:

Besides all the things you already expect (great salary, latest tech, sports compensation etc.), here’s what’s really in it for you:

- Have major impact - you will play a key role in determining how far we go as a team/company. Since we work with many high-growth start-ups, you will also play a part in helping shape the next unicorns.

- You will get autonomy - our team runs on transparency and trust, and we believe magic happens when people are given freedom to do their work.

- Be part of a true team spirit - you will work with smart people that push each other to become better each day.

- Build your network within the startup community in Estonia and beyond.

- Be part of a mission-driven company with a vision.

- Learning culture - every team member has a Social Talent seat. We also host monthly workshops with guest speakers.

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