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Slide Teele Tired of interviewing candidates just to find out they are completely unsuitable for your company? Our approach to recruiting involves only sending you the best profiles so you won't have to waste time on misfits.
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Recruitment partner Heveli Enok Recruitment partner Helen Koit Our recruiters will help you find the people who in addition to having the right skills, carry the right values and have a sincere interest in working at your company.

Need new people, but don't want to recruit yourself? No worries, our recruiters work as if they are a part of your team, which means you will always be updated on what's going on in the recruitment process. Whilst you focus on what matters to you, we will take care of the rest.

Recruitment partner We are your in-house recruitment partner that skyrockets your team. Meet the best candidates Focus on what matters Build a winning culture Why work with TalentHub?

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Creating a recruitment strategy
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Slide Hiring a production technologist for Woola Woola Success stories “Partnering with TalentHub allowed us to focus on our core activities without making sacrifices in the quality of our recruiting. What I liked the most was that the recruiters at TalentHub cooperated with us and understood their impact on our business.”

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Slide Brainbase logo Brainbase Success stories “We’ve been able to scale faster and bring amazing talent to our Tallinn team. TalentHub has helped us create a more structured and transparent hiring process and taught us how to value the relationship with candidates. We could not have asked for a better partner in recruitment!”

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Slide Ampler Bikes Ampler logo Success stories “TalentHub has been a key part in the growth of Ampler’s team. Until the summer of 2021, we didn’t have a full-time in-house recruiter, so TalentHub did most of the recruitment for us. The recruiters learned the values and way of working at Ampler and could authentically present that to the candidates. Also, together with TalentHub we developed and documented a solid hiring process, which we still use today.”

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Slide In the second call, we will map out a candidate profile. Based on that, we will put together a tailored recruitment strategy.

Once the contract is signed, the work will start for our recruiters.

verified_user Using innovative recruitment methods, we will start searching for candidates for you.
location_searching call Together, we will validate candidates and interview them. The last step involves making an offer to the selected candidate(s). This 30-minute call helps us get to know each other. We will go through what are your recritment needs, how we work etc.

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Candidate validation
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Candidate search
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Answers to your questions

What is your pricing method?

Our pricing method depends on the complexity of the role, as well as the volume of recruiting. You will find out the projected price of your desired recruitment project in our intro call, assuming you already know what your candidate profile is and how many candidates you want to hire. Generally, the price of the recruitment project is connected to the hired candidate’s salary.

How long does one recruitment project take?

The length of the recruitment project depends on the complexity of the role, the speed of the interviews as well as feedback. On average, the process (from the first client meeting to the candidate’s first working day) takes about 2-3 months. In some instances, where the desired candidate doesn’t accept your job offer, the process could take longer.

What kind of recruitment methods do you use?

We use traditional recruitment methods based on needs. First and foremost, we are headhunters – we track down people on different platforms and contact them ourselves. Depending on the recruitment strategy, we also do landing pages and job advertisements. Additionally, we have our own extensive talentpool (lists of previously headhunted candidates for previous roles) in Loxo.

Which industries do you specialize in?

We are mainly focused on finding and validating talent in the following sectors: information and communication technology (ICT), business development, finance, banking, insurance and manufacturing. However, thanks to our recruitment team’s broad expertise, we can help you find talent in other industries as well.

Do you offer other services besides recruiting?

Yes. Although our main service is recruiting, we offer our existing partners other services, such as HR consulting, salary studies, employer branding etc. That is the additional value we bring to the table – we are a recruitment agency that helps and assists you in other areas if needed.

What happens if the hired candidate leaves or I don't see a fit?

In case the hired candidate resigns from the job within four months, we will offer a replacement candidate without a placement fee.

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