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It’s no news that businesses are driven by people. Not by any people, but by people with the right mindset, motivation, desire, and dreams. By people who are determined to achieve more, to do more, to be more. By people with talent.

Finding these kinds of people is a challenging task. There’s a lot of boxes that need to be ticked – the person doesn’t only have to be exceptionally good at their job, but they also have to share the values of the company.  

At TalentHub, we’re focused on finding you the talent you need. It’s a challenge we love, it’s what motivates and drives us, and what really we’re good at.

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Together we’ll set the goals you want to achieve, form a plan and execute the strategy in a joint team. You’ll always get honest answers and we’ll always keep you in the loop.



To achieve the results, we’ll set a time schedule and send you the suitable candidates without any delays.



We understand that things can change but believe that everything is possible! Should you have to revise the scope or a timeline of a project, we are masters at adapting to new circumstances.



We are your partners in everything related to human resources. You’ll have a complete overview of the market situation, your brand’s reputation, salary trends and how a recruitment strategy is created.  

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Unlike most of other agencies, all our HR managers and recruiters have a profound in-house experience of working for successful IT-companies. Our team is experienced not just in recruiting, but also in validating culture fit, helping companies with onboarding, designing and managing HR processes, creating HR strategies and consulting leaders. 


We’re experienced in tracking down, approaching and validating the talent in the following sectors: information and communication technology (ICT), business development, finance, banking, insurance, manufacturing and pharmaceuticals. Not doing business in those sectors? Don’t worry, our experts cope perfectly well in other sectors too. 

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