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Recruitment agency TalentHub builds winning teams for high-growth startups through value-based recruitment and headhunting.

From fintechs to web3 companies, these great start-ups trust us with their recruitment:​

Why work with TalentHub?

One in every four start-ups fails because they don’t have the right team. Don’t let that happen to yours.

Value-based hiring

Our recruiters track down candidates who carry the right values and truly want to be a part of your company’s mission.

TalentHub recruiters and headhunters

Get a recruitment expert onboard, immediately

Our recruiters boast extensive experience in start-up recruitment, both in-house and agency. We’re experts in hiring talent, from C-level managers to specialists.

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Best candidates in your pipeline

Our headhunters conduct thorough talent sourcing to send you only the best candidate profiles. No more wasting time on interviewing unsuitable candidates.

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6 reasons why you should work with TalentHub

Effective collaboration

With communication through Slack and weekly catch-ups, we'll ensure you're updated with the recruitment process.

Employer branding

As the biggest fans of your company, we'll act as your brand ambassadors.

Enhance your candidate experience

As your in-house recruitment partner, we'll be able to provide the best possible hiring experience to candidates.

Reach passive candidates

You'll get access to our extensive talent pool consisting of passive candidates.

Improve recruitment processes

We'll help you build efficient recruitment processes which you can use for future hiring.

Market insights

We know what candidates want, and what other companies like you offer to attract the best talent.

Your questions, answered

We hire any type of roles your start-up needs, from developers, data, or product managers, to back-office, to C-level managers. 

Our pricing plan depends on the complexity of the role, as well as the volume of recruitment. You will find out the projected price of your desired recruitment project in our introductory call, assuming you already know what your candidate profile is and how many candidates you want to hire. Generally, the price of the recruitment project is connected to the hired candidate’s salary.

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Yes. Although our main service is recruiting, we offer our existing partners other services, such as HR consulting, salary studies, employer branding, etc. That is the additional value we bring to the table – we are a recruitment agency that helps and assists you in other areas if needed.

In case of the hired candidate resigning from the job within four months, we will offer a replacement candidate without a placement fee.

First and foremost, we are headhunters – we track down people on different platforms and contact them ourselves. Depending on the recruitment and headhunting strategy, we also do landing pages and job advertisements. Additionally, we have our own extensive talent pool (lists of previously headhunted candidates for previous roles).

We mostly work with start-ups that are in the high-growth phase and are looking for a long-term recruitment partner.

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