Hiring key roles for a micro-mobility start-up

Bikeep is a technology company that provides micro-mobility parking, locking and charging solutions
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The story

Bikeep is building a network of smart bike stations, where users can lock their bikes securely, charge their e-bikes, and grab rental bikes. The solution helps combat bike theft in areas where it has become a considerable problem. With user interactions taking place through a mobile app, Bikeep stations are connected to the internet, installed with sensors, a surveillance camera, and a loudspeaker alarm, making them a reliable solution. Since 2013, Bikeep has installed its stations in 21 countries, such as the USA, New Zealand, Estonia, Belgium, the Netherlands, and more.




The challenge of the recruitment project

Hiring for cultural fit

The main challenge of this recruitment project was to find candidates that fit Bikeep’s culture. We needed to identify people that not only had top skills but also were passionate about micro-mobility and sustainability. Considering we were focusing on sourcing local talent, the candidate pool wasn’t large.

Hiring process

The project has seen our recruitment partner Heveli take the role of an internal recruitment partner at Bikeep. Heveli has worked closely with the COO and co-founders at Bikeep, from whom she has received input about what type of people they need. From there, we have mapped out candidate profiles, whilst providing Bikeep with knowledge about salaries and the situation of the market. Our responsibilities have included headhunting candidates, conducting screenings, as well as assisting with interviews.
Our focus has been to headhunt local candidates. Heveli has conducted screenings with candidates to assess their fit with Bikeep, both skill and personality-wise. During screenings, it’s been important that the candidates are able to demonstrate their interest in micro-mobility, as well as show how they can bring value to the company. Throughout the process, Bikeep has valued candidates who are self-starters and able to bring fresh ideas and perspectives to the table.

The results

1. Hired key people for Bikeep

Together, we have been able to successfully fill key roles, including: Chief Marketing Officer Head of Product Project Manager All of these people have major responsibilities in taking Bikeep to the next level as a company.

2. Hired a People and Culture Manager

Heveli has gone to great lengths to ensure she understands the working methods and culture at Bikeep. This allows her to find people who are genuinely interested in micro-mobility, as well as those people buying into Bikeep’s mission to solve big infrastructure problems.

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Piret Ulm

Piret Ulm

Partner Lead/Recruitment Partner