Headhunting C-level talent for a greentech start-up

KWOTA is a company with a mission to accelerate material reuse for a carbon-neutral future, with the ultimate goal of reducing the impact on the environment.
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The story

Founded in 2021 by Rain Vääna and Argo Rannamets, KWOTA is a carbon credits marketplace that creates and sells carbon credits based on real emission reductions, which are effective and measurable immediately. Their solution is a win-win for environmentally conscious companies and production businesses, who can repurpose their waste stream and reduce their impact on the environment. KWOTA aims to be the most compelling carbon savings company by driving real impact, embracing responsibility, and putting the environment first in all their decisions and actions.
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The challenge

Finding C-level talent in the early stage

The biggest challenge for recruiting at KWOTA has been finding C-level and top-management individuals who are passionate about sustainability, willing to go the extra mile build the team from the ground up.

Hiring process

Screening Call Topics covered in this 45-minute call: Introducing the candidate to KWOTA Painting an authentic picture of the opportunity
Case Study Depending on the role, the candidate will receive a case study, which aims to assess their technical skills.
Q&A with Co-Founder Feedback about the assessment Situational and behavioral interview questions
Meeting with Co-Founder Before making the offer, the candidate will have a chance to meet with KWOTA’s both co-founders.
Making an Offer The final step includes making an offer to the selected candidate(s).

Relying on our network

The focus of this recruitment project has been to hunt down top talent in the Estonian market. We’ve relied heavily on our network and talent pool to find suitable candidates for the CTO and CPO role, to whom KWOTA made offers to.

Candidates hired:

Marketing Lead Chief Technology Officer Chief Product Officer

The results

#1 Openness to feedback

KWOTA has shown a strong openness to feedback and a willingness to try new recruitment approaches. They have been receptive to input and suggestions from candidates and recruiters alike, and have been proactive in seeking out new and innovative ways to find the best talent.

#2 Strong partnership and trust

TalentHub and KWOTA have developed a strong level of mutual trust in the partnership. This enables effective communication, collaboration, and problem-solving, leading to successful hires.

#3 A simple hiring process

We’ve achieved the best outcomes without overcomplicating the hiring process. A lean candidate experience has resulted in us hiring multiple C-level people for the company.

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Piret Ulm

Piret Ulm

Partner Lead/Recruitment Partner