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Gridio is a smart charging app that finds the best time to use electricity and automatically smart charges electric vehicles.
Tallinn-based Gridio lands €1 million to empower cheaper and smarter energy usage
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The story

Gridio, a cleantech startup based in Estonia, has raised €1 million in funding as it launches a new tool to provide users with smarter insights on their energy usage. The company aims to help individuals manage their electricity consumption, saving both money and energy. With the rise in energy bills and growing concerns about the climate crisis, Gridio’s mission is to empower users to be more aware of their energy consumption patterns. The app has gained popularity in the Nordics and has more than 30,000 downloads and 15,000 registered users across 10 countries.




The challenge

Connecting with the right talent

Gridio faced challenges in recruiting top talent due to their requirement for experienced individuals in Golang technology. The use of the niche technology added a layer of complexity to the recruitment process. The main employer branding challenge was to ensure Gridio attracted candidates who shared their passion for renewable energy. To combat this, we worked closely with Gridio, fully immersing ourselves in the industry. This allowed us to craft tailored messaging which resonated with the desired candidates.

Hiring process

Screening Call The screening focuses evaluating impact, experience, and attitude. Candidates had to be interested in sustainability.
Call with Hiring Manager Suitable candidates then proceed to the first interview with Konrad, the CEO of Gridio. The goal of this interview is to evaluate the candidate’s key competencies and fit with Gridio’s DNA traits.
Test Task The goal of the test task is to assess the candidate’s technical skills and thought process. Gridio lets candidates choose whether they want to do a written assignment or a live coding test. TalentHub connected Gridio with Priit Liivak (Chief Architect at Nortal) who helped them set up the live coding session.
Team Lunch Following a successful test task, candidates are then introduced to the rest of the Gridio team.
Making an Offer The final step includes making an offer to the selected candidate while communicating Gridio’s unique value proposition.

Targeting Golang candidates

Gridio seeks impact-driven individuals who are passionate about renewable energy. The entire team is highly motivated to accomplish a significant solution, and they expect the same from their candidates Our recruitment partner Karmen used LinkedIn, GitHub, and Google X-Ray for targeting candidates with Golang development skills. We focused on specific companies where these Golang developers might be found. We encountered challenges with finding candidates with sufficient experience in Golang initially. In Estonia, we found 71 candidates, but eventually targeted candidates from Poland, Sweden and Ukraine as well.
Gridio's employer value proposition hierarchy

Three phases of employer branding: Research, Definition, Deliver

Based on our employer branding assessment, we discovered some key findings. The primary areas that required attention were the lack of a distinctive personality and a unique value proposition as an employer. The employer branding project consisted of three primary phases, each one with a unique objective: Research: This phase was all about digging deep. We looked into everything—from competitors and the external market to interviewing the founder and different team members. The goal was to understand how Gridio was seen and capture what made them special. Definition: In this phase, we carefully analyzed the findings and connected the dots to create a clear roadmap for Gridio’s value proposition. We crafted the essential attributes, values, and messages that would shape Gridio’s employer brand identity. Deliverables: Finally, our focus was aligning everything with Gridio’s goals and resonating with their target audience. We aimed to optimize the use of their resources and maximize the impact, translating our insights into a revamped career page layout, defining personas, and creating compelling job ads.

Outcomes of the employer branding

Employer Branding Handbook: A comprehensive guide that outlines the strategies and best practices for building and maintaining a strong employer brand at Gridio. DNA Traits: Clearly defined characteristics and values that form the foundation of Gridio’s employer brand, providing a clear identity and direction. Culture Statement: A concise and impactful statement that captures the essence of Gridio’s company culture, guiding the behaviors and attitudes of its employees. EVP Statement: An Employee Value Proposition statement that highlights the unique benefits and rewards of working at Gridio, attracting top talent and enhancing employee satisfaction. Recruitment Personas: Detailed profiles that represent the ideal candidates for Gridio, helping to tailor recruitment efforts and effectively reach the desired talent pool. Attraction Drivers: Identifying the key factors that attract potential candidates to Gridio, enabling the company to emphasize and leverage these drivers in its employer branding initiatives. Messaging Guidelines: Clear guidelines on how to effectively communicate Gridio’s employer brand across various channels, ensuring consistent and compelling messaging. New Career Website Layout: A revamped and optimized layout for Gridio’s career website, creating a user-friendly experience that showcases the company’s employer brand and attracts potential candidates.

The results

1. Improved employer brand and candidate attraction

Together, we have been able to successfully fill key roles, including: Product Manager Android Developer Golang Developer Having a founder who truly understands the importance of employer branding made all the difference. Konrad’s active involvement and commitment to the project played a pivotal role in its success.

2. Alignment on common goal

Gridio recognizes the importance of recruitment, employer branding and dedicates time and resources to it. Making recruitment a priority has resulted in efficient and effective hiring processes, allowing us to find and secure talented candidates for Gridio’s team. Furthermore, our collaboration resulted in clear understanding of their mission, which we translated into the perfect messaging, career page layout, and employer branding handbooks.

3. Commitment to improving diversity

One of the highlights has been Konrad’s awareness of the importance of diversity and his commitment to it. This mindset has been a driving force in the partnership and has contributed to creating a diverse and inclusive team.

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Piret Ulm

Piret Ulm

Partner Lead/Recruitment Partner