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What's life like at TalentHub?

What describes us best is that we’re a team striving to be the best at what we do. Our recruiters don’t compete. We collaborate. We share ideas on how to do things better. We learn from each other. We move fast, but we move together.

When you join us, you’ll notice we operate on trust and transparency. We keep our communication open and honest within our team as well as with our clients and candidates. And no, we don’t believe in micromanaging. What we do believe in is giving you the trust and freedom to make an impact that works best for you.

How we work.

TalentHub recruiters aren't just service providers who complete tasks. Instead, we take the role of an internal recruitment partner (yes, your read that correct!). This allows us to be involved for the whole duration of the recruitment process, making us trusted recruitment partners to our clients.

From our growing client base, you can find start-ups full of potential, such as Woola, Pactum, Brainbase, as well as companies that have been around longer (but are just as cool!) like LHV, Ampler Bikes and Monese.

By joining us, you are joining our mission to help companies solve their growth challenges by acting as their internal recruitment partner.

From the candidate side, we are dedicated to providing a seamless experience by building long lasting relationships with our candidates to support their career progression.

In a matter of one and a half years, we have been fortunate to work with 40+ clients and found a suitable home for over 300+ candidates.

We are just getting started though... and we are inviting you to join our journey.

Our mission.

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What we value.

You can take these as our secret sauce to do our best work.

We are transparent.

Whether it's clients, candidates or our own team, our communication remains open and honest.

We trust each other.

We don't micromanage. Instead, we trust each other to get work done.


Change happens fast in our team. If we see something that can be improved, we'll do it.

We are on a mission.

We are a team working together towards a common goal.

We work smart.

Of course... we work hard too, but our environment helps us do our best work.

We collaborate.

We don't compete with each other. We work together as a team.

6 reasons to grow your recruitment career with us.

Great people


True impact

Global projects


Work with fun, experienced recruitment professionals who strive for their best everyday.

You will have a direct impact on how we work, which clients we partner with etc.

Broaden your international recruitment experience by hiring for exciting companies in Estonia and beyond.

We believe magic happens when people are given freedom to do their work.

You'll be working directly with well-respected leaders and CEOs of established companies.

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Weekly learning sessions, a Social Talent seat and guest speakers.

Meet some of your colleagues.

"I love that we operate on trust. Even though we help each other, I feel like I get a lot of autonomy with my work."

Jana, Team Lead and Recruitment Partner

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"We are like a one big family. It’s probably really hard to find a similar team that is so unifying and supporting like ours. We have big goals and everyone wants to give 110% from themselves."

Heveli, Recruitment Partner

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"Acting as an internal recruitment partner lets me dive deep into my projects, allowing me to go the extra mile."

Marleen, Recruitment Partner

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Available roles.

Senior Recruitment Partner

Talent Acquisition Lead

Location: Tallinn, Estonia / Remote


Today we are lucky to have big clients who aren't yet ready to build out their recruitment function, rather they want to continue working with us. One role quickly becomes 10 and more and more TalentHub recruiters get involved.

Your role would be to become the strategic talent acquisition lead for those clients whilst actively being involved with some key recruitment projects yourself.

Your role:

You'll find answers to the following questions:

- What are the growth plans
- Which recruiters are best suited to work on any given role
- What's the strategy to fill those roles
- What's the company budget
- Are we entering markets we don't have experience in
- Do we have an employee value proposition (EVP)
- What's the employer brand (You could go even as far as to building out an employer brand or onboarding strategy - the sky's the limit)

You will fit in perfectly if you:

- Are a team player and enjoy working in a mission-driven company

- Have previous experience delivering successful recruitment projects

- Want to become better at what you do every day.

- Want to develop your leadership skills

Location: Tallinn, Estonia / Remote


In this role, you'll be working as an internal recruitment partner for our clients. You'll have a chance to work closely with the founders of established companies which means you'll get to grow your international recruitment experience.

Your role:

- Helping define recruitment processes and talent acquisition strategy.

- Hunting down top talent globally

- Interviewing candidates

- Selling and closing candidates

- Being in constant communication with partners

- Assisting our clients with employer branding activities

You will fit in perfectly if you:

- Are a team player and enjoy working in a mission-driven company

- Have previous experience delivering successful recruitment projects

- Want to become better at what you do every day.

- Are willing to go the extra mile to make your hiring managers and candidates happy.

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Got questions? Don't worry, Jana's got you.

Q: How is the compensation structured?

A: Our stance is that recruiters should earn very good salaries. Our compensation consists of base salary plus commission. In addition, you'll get quarterly bonus if you reach your goals. We also offer sports compensation and because learning is important to us, every recruiter has a Social Talent seat.

Q: Can I work remotely?

A: Yes. We are always more interested in the output of your work rather than the hours you put in or where you work from. We do have an office in Tallinn, Estonia and a lot of our recruiters enjoy the vibe we have here. We are fine having our recruiters based all over.

Q: What's the recruitment process?

A: If we feel there could be a good fit, the first step in the process is a friendly introductory call with me. If that goes well, you'll get to meet our founders Käthe-Riin and Reet. Before we make our final decisions, you'll get to see the rest of our team and visit the office.

Q: How do you support personal and professional growth?

A: As mentioned above, every recruiter has a Social Talent seat. We also run team learning sessions every week, where we present topics that are relevant to our work. We also invite external guest speakers to share their knowledge.


Jana, Team Lead and Recruitment Partner

Not ready to apply? Please email your questions at jana@talenthub.ee