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Riiamäe Hambakliinik (RMHK) is a dental clinic offering a wide range of dental services based from Tartu, Estonia.
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The challenge

Unconventional recruitment process

One of the main challenges of the project was that Riiamäe Hambakliinik had no prior experience in recruitment. Furthermore, recruiting doctors is not done in a conventional way. The talent pool we worked with was not on LinkedIn. Instead, the industry operates within a well-connected network where everyone knows each other, and clinics are familiar with one another— it’s a closed circle.

Hiring process

Screening Call Topics covered in this 45-minute call: Introducing the candidate to RMHK. Identifying necessary skills and qualifications, for instance, a medical background.
Call with Hiring Manager Suitable candidates then met with the owners to talk about expectations.
Making an Offer The final step includes making an offer to the selected candidate(s).

Understanding the hiring needs

RMHK looked for candidates with the following qualities and criteria: Strong collaboration and trust. Openness to receiving feedback. A medical background, preferably outside the field of dentistry. This impacted our recruitment strategy as we aligned our approach and focused on finding candidates who exhibited the desired qualities.

Helping define the role

RMHK knew they needed to hire more people to the team to support the overall growth of the company. They had grown up to 25 professionals within recent years, however, there was uncertainty about whom they actually needed. Our role-design workshop helped to understand the business need and map out the potential of new roles to hire. We assisted in defining the role and its responsibilities, considering aspects such as the clinic’s vision, identifying the major challenges, and exploring their dreams and aspirations. Finding suitable candidates resulted in hires To find suitable candidates, we posted a public announcement and looked for contacts on clinic websites. We also utilized LinkedIn to target candidates with a medical background. Additionally, we ran a social media campaign, including a Facebook advertisement and a landing page. Together, we have been able to successfully fill key roles, including: Operations Manager

The results

#1 Excellent trust and collaboration

RMHK was ready to receive feedback and gave us full trust in recruiting the roles.

#2 Effective recruitment process

The process from role design to recruitment, which has served as a prime example of effective recruitment. We delved deep into the needs which allowed for the successful design and recruitment of additional roles.

#3 Succeeding in a new field

The healthcare field added a unique dimension to the partnership.

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Piret Ulm

Piret Ulm

Partner Lead/Recruitment Partner