Why should a highly talented individual choose to work with you?

If your answer isn’t going beyond the common trends in the industry, you must improve your value proposition as an employer and, therefore, your Employer Branding overall.  

It is essential to understand that your company’s culture can persuade someone to choose your company over any other, cause at the end, we all want the best talent to work for us. 

To better understand what your employer brand says to candidates, we have developed a scoring system based on six categories to assess where your company’s reputation stands, your strengths, your unique offer, and which improvement you should quickly fix. 

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Growth Driver

Your Employer Brand is your Growth Driver

We consider employer branding the most robust growth driver for companies nowadays. Why? Because ensuring that your company’s reputation, incentives, and essence differentiate from the rest, is no longer a nice to have. 

Having a defined strategy will not simply impact the people & culture side of your business. Still, it will directly impact hiring costs, NPS scores, and overall company brand perception. 

Those elements can influence how investors perceive your company’s maturity to execute the goals, showing that your company stands out from the rest and has a compelling message and strategy to attract top talent, retain employees, and inspire newcomers to your mission. 

What's the definition of employer branding?

Behind great businesses are great people

Why do you need an employer branding professional?

Going beyond free snacks and catchy words

Candidates consider numerous things before agreeing to interview with a company, let alone sign an offer. 

The quantitative elements tie to your brand visuals, messages, and available information about the company through your social media, career page, and direct interactions. To evaluate them, you should understand the following: 

  • What’s your Employer Value Proposition (EVP)?
  • How clear, compiled, and concise is your message? 
  • How efficient are your recruitment processes?

Meanwhile, qualitative elements refer to the feelings and emotions your brand evokes in candidates.  This generates from the consistency of your communication, engagement among your employees, customers, communities, and your organic reputation. 

To help you assess where you stand, we have guiding questions to evaluate each category and provide you with a score. 

TalentHub Employer Branding Scoring System
Play and Plug philosophy

Play & Plug Philosophy

There are no equal needs when it comes to Employer Branding. At TalentHub, we understand that your company is unique and can’t have generic solutions.

Our Play & Plug Philosophy allows you to look at and pick different projects, initiatives, or solutions based on your business needs or current capacity. 

With this approach, you’re deciding how to drive your growth and prioritize the activities that will give you extra attention when pitching your company to investors. 

From big projects to small tasks, we got the experience to guide, advise, execute and skyrocket your employer branding strategy from 0 to hero.

Reasons to skyrocket your employer brand with TalentHub

Build the next great story

We work as an insider to truly catch your uniqueness and effectively communicate it to the external world.

We challenge the status quo

Just as you, we like to test, propose, try, innovate and bring new practices to the industry that haven’t been seen before.

Align employer branding and recruitment

We'll find what makes you stand out and create the strategy to attract the right talent.

Work with creative minds

Work alongside an Employer Branding team with extensive experience on different projects, initiatives, and fields.

For us, size doesn’t matter

You can develop your employer brand at any stage. The earlier you get started, the more likely you're going to scale your business.

Effective collaboration

With communication through Slack and weekly catch-ups, we'll ensure you're updated and only involved when needed.

Your questions, answered

Today! Employer Branding is something any company, regardless of its size, should be doing from day one. A clear strategy and messages to communicate will make a difference when attracting, retaining, and inspiring top candidates to your company. 

We understand that scaling a business is a challenging task. That’s why we are here to focus on building the infrastructure for your employer brand while you focus on scaling the business. We provide 10 hours of work output for each hour of your time invested.  

The most significant impact comes with the kind of talent and AAA players you can attract to your company. But going beyond the obvious ones, you’ll see a decrease in hiring costs and an increase in NPS scores, organic reputation, and engagement. 

We got different packages depending on your needs. Therefore there’s no fixed price. The good news is that our packages can be paid in monthly installments. 

Team up with us and skyrocket your Employer Brand!

Give us 45 minutes of your time, and in exchange:

– We’ll tell you your current employer branding score based on our index.

– Based on your score, we’ll recommend actionable steps for you to start skyrocketing your employer brand.

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Daniel Carrillo

Daniel Carrillo

Employer Branding Lead