Skyrocketing Sunly with 15+ greentech hires

Hires: 15

Industry: Greentech

1) Hiring a Sunly City CEO

2) Hiring an in-house recruiter

3) Succesful workshop

Pactum Case Study

Hiring the tech team at PactumAI

Hires: 25+

Industry: SaaS (AI)

1) Established an efficient hiring process and recruitment materials

2) Hired several leads and managers

3) Helped Pactum expand its recruitment to the United States


30+ technical hires in one year at Brainbase

Hires: 30+

Industry: SaaS

1) Hired for key roles

2) Hired a People and Culture Manager

3) Improved the candidate experience


Hiring key roles for micro-mobility start-up Bikeep

Hires: 3

Industry: E-mobility

1) Hired a CMO, Head of Product, and Project Manager

2) Hired cultural fits who were interested in Bikeep’s mission

Hiring a production technologist for greentech start-up Woola

Hires: 3

Industry: Greentech

1) 3 hires within five weeks

2) Found cultural fits