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What is your pricing method?

Our pricing method depends on the complexity of the role, as well as the volume of recruiting. You will find out the projected price of your desired recruitment project in our intro call, assuming you already know what your candidate profile is and how many candidates you want to hire. Generally, the price of the recruitment project is connected to the hired candidate’s salary.

How long does one recruitment project take?

The length of the recruitment project depends on the complexity of the role, the speed of the interviews as well as feedback. On average, the process (from the first client meeting to the candidate’s first working day) takes about 2-3 months. In some instances, where the desired candidate doesn’t accept your job offer, the process could take longer.

What kind of recruitment methods do you use?

We use traditional recruitment methods based on needs. First and foremost, we are headhunters – we track down people on different platforms and contact them ourselves. Depending on the recruitment strategy, we also do landing pages and job advertisements. Additionally, we have our own extensive talentpool (lists of previously headhunted candidates for previous roles).

Which industries do you specialize in?

We are mainly focused on finding and validating talent in the following sectors: information and communication technology (ICT), business development, finance, banking, insurance and manufacturing. However, thanks to our recruitment team’s broad expertise, we can help you find talent in other industries as well.

Do you offer other services besides recruiting?

Yes. Although our main service is recruiting, we offer our existing partners other services, such as HR consulting, salary studies, employer branding etc. That is the additional value we bring to the table – we help and assist you in other areas if needed.

What happens if the hired candidate leaves or I don’t see a fit?

In case the hired candidate resigns from the job within four months, we will offer a replacement candidate without a placement fee.