TalentHub OÜ Privacy Policy


This privacy policy contains information about how TalentHub (register code 14837747) collects, processes and shares personal data. This privacy policy is created based on the GDPR regulation (General Data Protection Regulation).


Personal data processing

When visiting talenthub.ee website, the user gives a consent to process their personal data according to the rules set in this privacy policy.

TalentHub collects the following personal data through its website and social media channels:

User’s email address, company name: we collect this when the user subscribes to our newsletter or fills in the contact form on our website.

Website traffic data: we collect this through Google Analytics with an aim to gain knowledge about how our website performs. For example, we collect data about which pages have the highest bounce rate. It is important to note that through this data we won’t be able to directly identify the user.

Talenthub.ee also uses Hotjar software, which makes it possible to track and analyse the behavior of users (mouse movement, clicks). Similarly to Google Analytics, this software won’t allow us to directly identify the user.

TalentHub also uses advertising cookies, which allow us to create targeted adverts to users that have visited our website. A Facebook Pixel code has been installed on the website. If you wish to not receive advertisements from TalentHub on Facebook, Instagram or Messenger, you can decline them. To do that, visit https://www.facebook.com/ads/preferences and delete Talenthub.ee from the list of advertisers you’ve recently interacted with.


Using personal data

TalentHub uses collected personal data (email address, company name) for the following reasons:

  • Offering the user a recruitment service
  • Sending a newsletter: we send newsletters at least once a month and to receive this the user has to be subscribed to it. The newsletter contains information about TalentHub’s most recent podcasts, articles and other recruitment-related content.




Transferring third party data

A third party can be defined as a TalentHub partner which stores personal data and through which TalentHub offers its services.

Today, TalentHub uses the following third-party partners:

Hubspot – a CRM system that stores email addresses and which also allows users to invite others to subscribe to TalentHub newsletters.

WordPress CMS

Google Analytics – website and social media analytics tool


Storing personal data

TalentHub stores personal data according to GDPR regulations. Personal data collected through our mail list and contact form is stored until the user wants it deleted.

Website statistics are stored according to our third party platform regulations. TalentHub uses all the methods needed to protect the personal data of users. Access to personal data is only granted to authorized individuals. The personal data of all the users is processed as confidential information.


User rights

The user has the right to contact TalentHub at info@talenthub.ee and request access to their personal data, whether it’s to edit it or delete it.

If the user has subscribed to TalentHub’s newsletter, they have the right to always unsubscribe by pressing the dedicated button at the end of each email.

If the user thinks that their rights have been violated, they have the right to contact the Data Protection Inspectorate.



TalentHub website and social media uses cookies to analyze and improve user experience. When visiting TalentHub’s website and social media, the user has a choice to accept or reject cookies.

To learn more about cookies, visit the following website: https://www.aki.ee/et/kupsised.


Changes to our privacy policy

TalentHub has the right to change this privacy policy without notice to make sure it’s GDPR compliant. Privacy policy can always be found on the TalentHub website in its most recent form.



Questions regarding this privacy policy can be sent to info@talenthub.ee