Employer Branding

Discover your employer branding score

Are you struggling to attract and retain top talent for your startup? Your employer branding strategy could be the missing piece of the puzzle. To help you better understand where you stand and identify areas for improvement, we’ve developed an assessment based on six categories: value proposition, brand alignment, mission, consistency, ambassadors, and recruitment process. 

By completing this assessment, you’ll gain valuable insights into your employer branding strategy and be able to take quick and actionable steps to improve it. Don’t let a weak employer brand hold back your startup’s growth. 

Take our assessment today and start building a stronger employer brand that attracts top talent and keeps them engaged.

Reasons why you should do this self-evaluation:

  • The assessment will provide you with an understanding of where your startup’s employer branding strategy excels and where it needs improvement.
  • You can improve the candidate experience you’re offering by identifying areas of improvement in your employer branding strategy, with this you can attract top talent easier.
  • With a clear understanding of where you stand and what improvements need to be made, you can create a plan to scale your employer branding strategy.

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