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– What are the most valued employee benefits (top 5)

– What are the least valued employee benefits (top 5)

– Work arrangement trends among start-up employees in Estonia

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Employee Benefit Packages: What Do Start-Up Employees Want?

TalentHub’s latest study sheds light on which employee benefits are the most popular among start-up employees in Estonia, and how this impacts recruitment operations. 


Employee benefits are any form of perks or compensation given to employees (excluding salary). A compelling benefits package positively influences attracting and retaining top talent.

Today, companies offer their employees various benefits ranging from “work from anywhere” policies, and unlimited vacation days to free gym memberships.

TalentHub’s research looks at what employee benefits start-up employees in Estonia value the most and least. Here are some of the findings:


  • TalentHub’s research draws data from 100+ employees across various departments and indicates that hybrid working is the most preferred working arrangement among start-up employees in Estonia.
  • Although hybrid working is the most popular arrangement among both genders, men prefer to work from the office every day more than women. 
  • Almost all respondents (85%) said that an employee benefits package plays at least somewhat of a role in accepting a job offer. 
  • Workers in smaller companies with 11-50 employees are more likely to be dissatisfied with their current benefits package. In fact, 36% of respondents working at smaller companies are somewhat or very dissatisfied with the benefits they currently receive.  
  • The most valued employee benefit is flexible working hours, the least valued benefit is free coffee and snacks. 
  • Employees in lead or director positions value employee stock options more than people in specialist roles. 


The takeaway for start-ups in Estonia: 

  • Attracting top talent to your start-up means you must have a compelling employee benefits package. Almost all candidates admit that the benefits they get play at least somewhat of a role when choosing between job offers. 
  • Workers in smaller companies are more likely to be dissatisfied with their current benefits package. Start-ups must assess their current benefits package to cater to what candidates want. 
  • Amid the pandemic, the shift to remote working has increased. Employees value the freedom to have time and location flexibility, with most employees preferring a hybrid working arrangement. Start-up employees expect companies to meet these demands. 
  • Start-ups must assess their recruitment communications, including job adverts. Mentioning perks such as “free coffee and snacks”, “sports compensation”, and “discounts on products” is common. These benefits don’t move a needle when attracting candidates to apply and should be refrained from recruitment communications.

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