Getting to know Daniel Carrillo: Employer Branding Lead at TalentHub

As an Employer Branding Lead at TalentHub, Daniel is the driving force behind talent attraction strategies for our partners. Having been at TalentHub for nearly two years, Daniel has already transformed several Estonian start-ups into talent magnets.   Let’s learn more about Daniel’s story, what his role is at TalentHub, and what challenges he faces daily! […]

Our Experience With 4-Day Work Week So Far

4-day work week

It’s been six weeks since we began our 2-month period of working four days a week. Let’s check in on how things have been going. What have we changed in our working ways? We wanted to make the transition to a 4-day work week as smooth as possible. We prepared our team by creating an internal document […]

Getting To Know Piret Ulm – Partner’s Lead at TalentHub

Piret Ulm

As a Partner’s Lead at TalentHub, Piret is the first point of contact for many of our potential and existing partners. Within just a few months, Piret is already managing various projects and using her extensive knowledge to mentor our recruiters along the way. Let’s learn more about Piret’s story, what a partner’s lead does […]

Teele Elvest: Kind-hearted recruiter who loves forming deep relationships

Teele Elvest

At TalentHub, besides her recruitment skills, Teele is known for going the extra mile for others. Within a year, Teele has impacted numerous partners, candidates, and the TalentHub team with her positive, caring, and kind-hearted attitude. Let’s learn more about Teele’s journey as a recruiter, her hobbies, and her favorite projects at TalentHub! Who is […]

We’re trialing a 4-day workweek. Here’s why:

4-day workweek: why we're doing it

When we founded TalentHub, we didn’t want to create just another company. We wanted to build an environment where people thrive. That means adapting and being innovative in our approach to work. Last year, we flew our team over to Malaga, Spain for a winter office-retreat. It was a great experience and brought newborn energy […]

Interview: Ivo Kund, VP of Engineering at Pactum

Interview Ivo Kund, Pactum

Pactum is an Estonian-founded start-up that uses artificial intelligence and a chat-like interface to automate supplier contract negotiations. Founded in 2019, the company is already conducting autonomous contract negotiations for many Fortune 500 companies including Walmart and shipping giant Maersk Group. Recently, we had a chance to get to know their VP of Engineering, Ivo Kund. In this […]

Effective Employee Onboarding: My Experience At TalentHub

Employee Onboarding: My Experience At TalentHub

I joined TalentHub as a recruitment partner after spending much of my career in sales-related roles. After six years into my career though, I found that selling people products and services wasn’t something that made me feel fulfilled. I needed something that gave me a sense of purpose while still leveraging my strengths.

Marleen Saat: Positive, hard-working recruiter with a “VAMOS” mentality

Always positive and hard-working, in TalentHub, Marleen is known as the recruiter with a “VAMOS” or “let’s do it!” mentality. Despite the fact that Marleen isn’t used to talking about herself, we got answers from her to even the most groundbreaking questions. Let’s find out what are Marleen’s favourite projects at TalentHub and how did she even become a recruiter!

Jana Smidt: Passionate recruiter, process and travel lover

Both our clients and us at TalentHub know Jana as a recruiter who does her job with a big passion and dedication. But how did Jana even become a recruiter? What’s she like as a person and what interests her outside of work? Let’s find out!