What’s the state of salaries in Estonian start-ups in 2024? Our report covers the monthly gross salary ranges of start-up employees in Estonia, current salary satisfaction rates, how often employees earn salary raises, and how many people support a transparent salary system. 

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Overview and survey findings

TalentHub’s latest research sheds light on the monthly gross salaries of start-up employees in Estonia. The research draws data from 212 start-up employees working across various departments, including marketing and sales, operations, product development, customer support, finance, HR, management, and others.

The participants of this survey were selected through private outbound direct messages. Some of the statistics include:

  • Nearly two in five respondents (39.2%) have 6-10 years of experience in the field, followed by 28.3% with 3-5 years of experience.
  • Regarding gender distribution, the data shows a near-even split, with 49% women and 50% men.
  • For individuals working in Manager/Lead roles regardless of the department, the most common salary range is €4000-€5000. 
  • The most popular salary range for Software Developers working at Estonian start-ups is €5000-€6000, followed closely by €4000-€5000. 
  • While the most popular salary range for Product Managers remains the same as last year at €4000-€5000, there is a noticeable increase in the number of participants in this role earning between €5000-€6000 per month.
  • HR positions are predominantly occupied by women and typically offer an average salary of €3000.
  • Salary dissatisfaction rates are highest among Managers/Leads who earn a monthly salary below €4000.
  • Over half of male respondents (51%) have a salary above €5000. The figure is much lower among women, with only 26.3% earning a similar amount.
  • The most common salary range for individuals working in Specialist roles is €3000-€4000, followed by €2000-€3000.
  • For both Directors and C-Level employees, the most popular salary range is €5000-€6000.
  • One-third (33%) of respondents working in Sales have a gross monthly salary between €3000-€4000. 

To access the complete list of findings, download the full report above.

Takeaways for start-up companies operating in Estonia:

Annual salary reviews: Companies should adopt annual salary reviews, given that this increases employee satisfaction rates. Start-ups should also transparently communicate these reviews to ensure employee satisfaction

Offer competitive salaries: Estonian start-ups should make sure their salaries match what others in the industry offer. Companies, especially hiring managers, should keep up to date with salary trends for different positions and levels. This can help in both attracting and retaining top talent.

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