Start-Up Salary Survey 2023 – Estonia

TalentHub Start-Up Salary Survey
TalentHub Start-Up Salary Survey

In this report, you’ll find:

– What are the monthly gross salary ranges of start-up employees in Estonia working across different roles. 

– Gender pay gap among employees in managerial roles.

– What is the salary satisfaction rate among start-up employees in Estonia.

– How often do start-up employees in Estonia receive a salary increase.

– What percentage of people support a transparent salary system.

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Salary survey findings

TalentHub’s latest research sheds light on the monthly gross salaries of employees in Estonia, and how this impacts recruitment operations. The participants of this survey were carefully chosen using outbound messages. Here are some of the findings: 

  • TalentHub’s research draws data from 170+ employees across various departments and indicates that there’s a gender pay gap among employees working in managerial roles. On average, women are paid less in managerial/leader roles (47% of women receive a monthly gross salary between 2000-3000 EUR, whereas 88% of men in managerial roles receive over 3000 EUR.
  • There is also a difference in analyst roles – 75% of women receive a gross salary of 2000-3000 EUR and almost the same percentage of men receive 3000-4000 EUR.
  • Almost half of all the respondents (47%) working as an Analyst or Associate earn a gross monthly salary of 3000-4000 EUR. 
  • For Managers/Leads, the most popular monthly gross salary range is also 3000-4000 EUR (37%).
  • Customer Support and Operation roles are paid a bit less compared to other specialist roles. However, the department doesn’t matter that much. The most popular salary range for employees in Specialist roles is 2000-3000 EUR (41%), followed by 1000-2000 EUR (31%). 
  • For developers, the salary varies from 3000-6000 EUR per month. This is largely dependent on work experience and other factors.
  • Half (50%) of product managers receive a gross salary range between 4000-5000 EUR.
  • 78% of people were generally satisfied with their salary and 22% dissatisfied. 
  • 71% of respondents received a salary increase in the last year.
  • About one-third (32%) of respondents reported that their salaries are reviewed on an ad-hoc basis, with smaller companies being more likely to conduct reviews in this manner.
  • 79% of respondents agreed that companies should operate a transparent salary system. People who earn higher wages (above 3000 EUR) are not so sure about transparent salaries.
For the complete list of findings, download the full report above.

The takeaway for start-up companies operating in Estonia: 

  • Address the gender pay gap: Companies need to address the gender pay gap, particularly in managerial/leader and analyst roles. They should analyze the root causes of this gap and work towards reducing it. Implementing pay transparency can help in identifying and addressing such issues.

  • Be competitive with salaries: Companies should ensure that their salary offerings are competitive with the market. Understanding the salary ranges for different roles and levels in the industry can help companies attract and retain talented employees.

  • Regularly review salaries: The majority of respondents received a salary increase in the last year. Reviewing employees’ salaries at least once per year is a good starting point. Start-ups should also consider communicating these reviews and adjustments transparently to their employees.

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