Executive Search in Foreign Markets With Linda Võeras

Executive Search in Foreign Markets With Linda Võeras

Our second guest on the Recruiter’s Corner blog series is Linda Võeras. For over three years, Linda was an executive leadership consultant and search professional at Gillamor Stephens, an executive search firm based in London. She is currently part of the Karma Ventures investment team, using her skills to identify the most promising deep tech teams in Europe.

Effective Employee Onboarding: My Experience At TalentHub

Employee Onboarding: My Experience At TalentHub

I joined TalentHub as a recruitment partner after spending much of my career in sales-related roles. After six years into my career though, I found that selling people products and services wasn’t something that made me feel fulfilled. I needed something that gave me a sense of purpose while still leveraging my strengths.

5 Recruitment Metrics You Should Track In 2021

5 Recruitment Metrics You should Track In 2021

Tracking recruitment metrics is a good way to measure the effectiveness of your recruitment process. It also gives you an overview of the quality of your work across different tasks. These tasks range from sourcing, interviewing, sending reachout letters, to making offers to the candidate.

Job Application Tips That Will Help You Land Your Next Role

Job application tips

In today’s competitive landscape, job search can be emotionally draining. You take hours to update your CV and write a tailored cover letter just to hear back your application wasn’t successful. The worst part – you receive no feedback which means you are back to zero with no idea what to improve upon. We’ve all been there. Luckily for you, we’ve put together job application tips that will improve your chances of landing that dream job you’ve been looking for.

Marleen Saat: Positive, hard-working recruiter with a “VAMOS” mentality

Always positive and hard-working, in TalentHub, Marleen is known as the recruiter with a “VAMOS” or “let’s do it!” mentality. Despite the fact that Marleen isn’t used to talking about herself, we got answers from her to even the most groundbreaking questions. Let’s find out what are Marleen’s favourite projects at TalentHub and how did she even become a recruiter!

Jana Smidt: Passionate recruiter, process and travel lover

Both our clients and us at TalentHub know Jana as a recruiter who does her job with a big passion and dedication. But how did Jana even become a recruiter? What’s she like as a person and what interests her outside of work? Let’s find out!

Onboarding A New Employee (90-Day Process Guide)

Onboarding A New Employee

Having a structured onboarding process within the company plays a key role in retaining employees. According to research, employees who feel their onboarding process was effective are 29 times more likely to feel satisfied at work.